Biden Must Not Ignore The Anonymous Paper On Xi’s China

The paper is important because while understanding the China challenge it has not ruled out cooperation in a few areas of traditional security and non-traditional security areas.

Equity markets closed on account of Muharram

The National Stock Exchange of India Ltd and BSE Ltd were closed for trading on Tuesday on account of Muharram, which is observed by a section of the Muslim community. There was no trading activity in forex and commodity futures…

Trump warns China it will face first ever recession if it doesn’t sign trade deal with US

China is likely to face its first-ever recession if it does not sign a trade deal with the United States, claimed a former economic advisor to President Donald Trump.

First aftershock of Trump blacklist: Google limits business with Huawei

The U.S govt has already blacklisted the company | Now Google suspends some of its business from the Chinese technology company.

US raises stakes in 5G War; banishes Huawei and ZTE

Donald Trump upped the ante in tussle against China for dominance of 5G technology networks.

Free Trade with US: India’s opportunity to end China’s dominance

India is a viable alternative for businesses trying to escape the US-China trade war – but needs to resolve its own issues with the US.

Superheroes are bigger than Trade Wars

Donald Trump and Xi Jinping upping the ante in trade disputes might have hampered many industries and businesses. But not superhero movies.

Is India ready for the global economic storm?

The global economy is expected to suffer a slowdown in growth this year. However, India’s dependence on its domestic economy could limit the impact.  IMF has cited the possibility of a an economic storm that’s brewing in the global economy…