If Trump Goes For Military Retaliation, Xi Can Show Who’s The Boss In East Asia

China can’t win a military conflict with the US but it certainly can screw Trump in the region it bosses around.

Trump Pulled The Plug On WHO: An Act Of Bravado That Must Be Followed by World Leaders

Everyone was unhappy with how China’s coverup and the part WHO played in it. Then why be a hypocrite now and scapegoat the man of action Trump.

A Trump-led World Is Coming For China And Xi Jinping Has Nowhere To Hide

Germany billed only a 130-billion-pound invoice to China for Coronavirus damages, Trump is coming for a lot more.

US-China trade war heavily impacts global air cargo traffic

The US-China trade war along with the slowdown in the Chinese economy have significantly impacted this region. The temporary shutdown of Hong Kong International Airport, the largest cargo hub in the world, added additional pressure.

US – EU Trade War; Impact on the two economies

Upon receiving a green light from WTO, the U.S. has announced tariffs on the EU as punishment for the illegal aircraft subsidies. For retaliation, the EU also plans to impose tariffs on U.S. products. Amid the growing tensions of the…

Haphazard Biden or Methodical Warren: Who’s better at Trade?

Democrats Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren are the potential candidates that may contest the upcoming US Presidential elections of 2020, but who has a better approach to trade?

Trade Talks between US and China scheduled for October

China and the United States have agreed to hold a new round of trade talks early next month in Washington in a bid to resolve their trade disputes,

First global warming, now global recession: Are we going down?

The world’s GDP has grown steadily. It went up by a total of 6.9% in 2018 – from $80.2 trillion in 2017 to $85.8 trillion in 2018…

Is Hong Kong pulling the World into Recession?

The US-China Trade War has already ignited financial woes globally. As a result, stagnation in one of Asia’s biggest business hubs is adding to the scare of a worldwide economic meltdown. In the recent weeks, Hong Kong’s protests have grown…

Global growth weakens as trade tensions rise: World Bank

“In particular, global trade growth in 2019 has been revised down a full percentage point, to 2.6 per cent–slightly below the pace observed during the 2015-16 trade slowdown, and the weakest since the global financial crisis.”

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