Boris Johnson’s Brexit Done — Now Starts Undercover Americanization

Boris Johnson achieved what he promised, but his formula of Brexit is nothing but Americanization of the UK market in disguise.

Jazeera Airways becomes first low-cost carrier to connect India to the UK

Kuwait’s Jazeera Airways became the first low-cost carrier in the Middle East to fly to the United Kingdom with its first six-hour flight from Kuwait City to London Gatwick last week.

39 found dead in truck believed to be Chinese nationals, says UK Police

The UK police on Thursday said that the 39 people found dead in a truck at an industrial park in southeast England were believed to be Chinese nationals.

UK: PM Boris Johnson seeks fresh election to force his Brexit Deal

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday (local time) said that the MPs would have more time to debate the new Brexit deal if they agree to a general election on December 12.

UK Supreme Court rejects PM Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend parliament as ‘unlawful’

The UK Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend parliament until October 14 was “unlawful.”

UK, France, Germany join in to blame Iran for Saudi oil attacks

Leaders from the UK, France and Germany at the United Nations have said that Iran was responsible for the attacks on two oil facilities in Saudi Arabia

The UK returns stolen Buddha Statue, how about Kohinoor?

Last month, the UK returned to India a 12th century statue stolen from the ASI Museum in Nalanda in 1961. Have they forgotten to return Kohinoor?

Boris Johnson’s bid to force snap elections suffers another blow

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson suffered a fresh blow after his second attempt to force an early election in the country failed to garner the

Deal or no deal, Boris Johnson promises Brexit on Oct 31

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that he would not ask the EU to delay Brexit beyond 31 October. “I’m confident that I can, but to leave on Oct 31 in all circumstances so that the country can move on

US, UK, Canada condemn China and Pakistan for persecuting minorities

Raising the issue of suppression of religious freedom at the United Nations, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada on Thursday slammed

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