Boris Johnson Under Fire For Snatching Reporter’s Phone When Shown Photo Of Sick Boy

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday was heavily criticised for snatching away a reporter’s phone and putting it in his pocket after the latter tried to show him a photograph of a sick boy who was forced to lie on the floor of a hospital while waiting for treatment.

‘Great’ Brexit Deal with a ‘Fragile’ Link: Boris Johnson faces Litmus Test

In a nutshell, ‘To deliver in Brussels, the UK must compromise – but to deliver in Parliament, the UK cannot compromise in Brussels.’ Now, its time for Boris Johnson to face the magic with his Brexit deal. HEAD SHOT EU…

BREXIT, Massive Mutiny and Boris Johnson’s Ultimatum: Can the ‘Joker turned King’ survive?

Boris Johnson’s Ultimatum: Britain is in crisis. The Deal or No Deal Brexit has created all the chaos and drama you can think of. And now the climax has put the PM face to face with a massive mutiny.

Here comes BOJO – Will Britain ever get its MOJO back?

Britain has to ratify a withdrawal agreement with the EU before leaving if it wants to avoid a chaotic “no-deal” exit. With a no deal exit driven by Boris Johnson aka Bojo, is Britain entering a phase of Chaos?

Personal attacks, theatrics and BREXIT: Who does UK trust?

Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson have emerged as the final two in the race to become next Prime Minister of UK.

Unable to steer Brexit, UK PM Theresa May exits

May will quit as Conservative leader on June 7, after she was unable to formulate Britain’s exit from the European Union.