Critics And Concerns To Overcome Before Uber Eats Grubhub

With little certainty how long the gut blow to the ride-hailing business last, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has renewed interest in Uber Eats but his tried and tested pre-pandemic approach with the proposed Grubhub acquisition already has critics calling out the concerns.

Cash Burn Contest — Zomato’s UberEats Acquisition Spells Advantage For Swiggy

Zomato is on the verge of acquiring UberEats and apparently making headway, but what looks like expansion for Zomato ironically takes away its advantage over Swiggy in the market. Here’s why.

I Love Rough Sex And How Much I Enjoyed Sleeping With My Uber Driver

Uber recently wanted to remind everyone, not to hookup in their cars with drivers, but that obviously has not stopped many folks from doing just that

Uber to soon record audio during rides in the US

As a safety measure, Uber will reportedly start recording audio during rides to identify any warning signs. The feature will be opt-in for users to activate audio recording on any trip or all trips, The Washington Post notes.

Uber Pet will solve pet-lovers’ biggest problem

Uber is reportedly experimenting with a new feature that makes it easier for the drivers to find out whether the riders are bringing a pet along for the ride.

Uber adds new safety features to its app

Uber announced a slew of new features to its cab-hailing app to ensure a safer ride for customers. The updated app now lets you choose to receive a four-digit PIN to verify your ride. Uber also said that it is working on new technology for a PIN-free verification using ultrasound waves, the official blog noted.

Ola, Uber have caused the Auto Sector Slowdown in India?

FM Nirmala Sitharaman kicked up a storm with her statement that the millennial mindset of using services such as Uber and Ola instead of purchasing vehicles had contributed to the auto sector slowdown.

How Indian government derives its job data?

Professional bodies including lawyers, CAs and architects, among others, also gig economy companies such as Ola and Uber would soon have to start filing data regarding jobs created.

Uber can never be Amazon, here’s why?

Uber again missed revenue expectations and reported a record loss of $5.24 billion in the last quarter, but while CEO and investors don’t care, this is a trajectory it will find hard to shed.

Why Uber is in a larger crisis than $5.2 billion loss

BY PRITHVI BEHL | DKODING MEDIA Uber IPO fell by 6% after Uber’s loss of $5.24 Billion. Compared to last years $878 Million, this is a significant increase. What is responsible for this? Costs are on an all-time high with…

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