How The Pandemic Tampered The Saudi-UAE Post-Oil Economy Vision

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown its impact on the global economy, and has also had an effect on the Saudi-UAE Economy, and there has been an emphasis on moving away from oil.

Coronavirus Leaves Unsettled F1 Schedule with Chinese Grand Prix Postponed and Bahrain Grand Prix To Be Only a Participants Event

F1 schedule is in doubt with over 103,000 coronavirus cases being reported and over 3500 deaths. With authorities becoming stricter and stricter with border controls, will all teams be allowed to enter their borders? If not, will some races be…

Trump to deploy US forces in Saudi Arabia and UAE

US President Donald Trump has approved the deployment of US forces to Saudi Arabia and UAE. “The president has approved the deployment of US forces which will be defensive in nature and primarily

PM Modi conferred with highest civilian award of UAE ‘Order of Zayed’

Prime Minister Modi today met Crown Prince of UAE Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahya. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on August 24 was conferred with United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) highest civilian award ‘Order of Zayed’.

PM Modi to embark on 3-day visit to UAE & Bahrain

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will embark on a three-day official visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain from August 23, the Ministry

UAE billionaire plans to ease drinking water shortage with an ‘Antarctica Iceberg’

An Arab millionaire plans to drag an entire iceberg to the UAE in a bid to provide fresh drinking water

State actor behind oil tanker attack: Nations suspect foul play

UAE, Norway, Saudi Arabia claim ‘state actor’ behind attack on oil tanker In a veiled reference to Iran, an investigation conducted by the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Norway into the coordinated attack on their four oil tankers off the port…

Saudi Arabia says no to war with Iran, but ready to respond strongly

Saudi Arabia says does not want war with Iran but ready to respond strongly Amid the ongoing tensions with Iran, intensified after last week’s attacks on Saudi oil tankers, the Foreign Ministry of Saudi Arabia said on Sunday that the…

Staring at women can get you jailed in UAE

Staring at women can get you jailed and fined in the UAE. Any motion that makes a lady feel violated and awkward – from whistles to long gazes and dropping phone numbers – can get you imprisoned and fined in…

India moves two spots above in FIFA rankings

FIFA rankings – India moves two spots above and reaches the 101st position In the latest FIFA rankings released on Thursday, India climbed up two places to reach the 101st position. India have not been in action since the 2019…