Modern Family: Ty Burrel Finds Dory From Finding Dory More Relatable Than Phil Dunphy

Many of you do not know this, but two of your favourite ‘Modern Family’ actors were part of the CGI animation flick, ‘Finding Dory’. ‘Finding Dory’, the sequel to the 2003 cult classic ‘Finding Nemo’, is about Dory, an amnesiac…

Ty Burrell Went An Extra Mile To Bag Phil Dunphy’s Role In Modern Family

Ty Burrell was not ‘appealing, charming, funny’ enough for ABC’s Modern Family. Well, who knew it would be incomplete without him!

Ty Burrell’s Last Words For Phil Dunphy Couldn’t Be More Emotional

Ty Burrell is just one of the many stars of Modern Family who’s saying goodbye to Phil Dunphy after 11 years. Recently, Ty Burrell who played