5 International Implications Of The Armenia-Azerbaijan (Russia-Turkey) Conflict

What seems to be a territorial border dispute over a seemingly insignificant piece of mountainous land has serious international implications.

Back To Barter – Islamic Summit Turns Tables On US-led Economic Warfare

Tired of America’s bully tactics of trade sanctions, four countries of the world at the Islamic Summit have decided to revert to the primitive trading means of barter. Their aim – create a hedge against future economic sanctions.

Continued violence in Northeast Syria has UN concerned

The United Nations has expressed concerns about the safety of civilians amid continued hostilities in the northeast of Syria.

Great Day for Civilization: Trump hails Turkey ceasefire deal

US President Donald Trump on Thursday (local time) hailed the deal between Washington and Ankara to have a ceasefire in Syria as a “great day

Merkel puts her foot down: Germany won’t supply weapons to Turkey

In the wake of Turkey’s operation in northeast Syria, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that Berlin would not deliver any arms to Ankara.

Trump piles pressure on Turkey to end Syria operations with fresh sanctions

While imposing sanctions on Turkey over its military operation in northeast Syria, US President Donald Trump on Monday called for an

War, Sanctions, or a Deal: Trump gives 3 choices to Turkey-Syria conflict

United States President Donald Trump on Thursday (local time) offered to mediate a deal between Turkey and the Kurds.

Concerned about military offensive in Syria, India calls on Turkey to exercise restraint

India on Thursday expressed deep concerns about the unilateral military offensive by Turkey in north-east Syria, saying that Ankara’s actions can

Trump threatens to ‘devastate’ Turkey’s economy

After Turkey launched an offensive on northern border of Syria, US President Donald Trump on Wednesday said that he would devastate

US President Trump threatens to ‘decimate’ Turkey’s economy if it harms US troops, allies

President Donald Trump on Monday (local time) warned that if Turkey harms US troops or allies in Syria during its planned military operation in the northeastern