Donald Trump trolled for quoting Prince Charles as ‘Prince of Whales’

Donald Trump is in news yet again. Just like most of the times, the reason is not political. It is his spelling mistakes that…

Trump wants another emergency to pressurize Mexico

Donald Trump is planning to declare a national emergency by increasing tariff on Mexico Trump administration is all set to declare a national emergency by increasing tariff by 5% on Mexico over the failure of the Mexican government towards illegal…

‘Not nearly enough’ progress made in immigration talks with Mexico: Trump

Representatives of the United States and Mexico on Wednesday failed to reach an agreement on the immigration issue during high-stakes negotiations held at the White House, days before Washington would start imposing five per cent tariffs on all goods coming…

War of tweets- Trump v Bette Midler

This week, it was President Trump versus Bette Midler on Twitter. And Bette Midler termed it as the “Battle of Bulge”. Being an intense…

Trump’s UK State Visit: Live Reportage

Two years after UK Prime Minister Theresa May extended the invitation, US President Donald Trump is in UK for his first state visit.

Trump’s merit-based immigration lure for professionals

US President Trump is ready to move to a new system that overhauls the US immigration policy to give preference to foreigners based on merit.

Superheroes are bigger than Trade Wars

Donald Trump and Xi Jinping upping the ante in trade disputes might have hampered many industries and businesses. But not superhero movies.

Post-Elections, an Oil Nightmare awaits

A sudden hike is expected in fuel pricing post-elections where the consumer might have to pay upto 8-10 rupees more per litre.

Kim-Putin talks – Rise of a new Power Bloc?

The first summit between the two leaders with immense concentrated power might set the tone for future international balance of power.

Melania Trump shares 13th birthday tribute to son Barron

Melania Trump celebrates son Barron’s milestone 13th birthday US First Lady Melania Trump ushered in her son Barron’s 13th birthday with a tribute on social media. “Happy Birthday BWT [?][?][?]” Melania tweeted on Wednesday. Marking the milestone, Melania also posted…