Trump trolled for claiming Revolutionary War soldiers “took over airports” in 1775

President Trump is known for his weak facts. And is always a subject of criticism over the same. On the occasion of 4 July, he gave his ‘Salute to America’ speech. But stumbled midway as he mistakenly claimed that the…

Trump hails “wonderful meeting” with North Korea’s Kim

US President Donald Trump on Sunday termed his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as “wonderful” and said it was a great honour for him to step on the soil of the country.

Former President Jimmy Carter thinks Trump is ‘illegitimate President’

Former US President is the latest in the list of people who spoke out their mind against President Trump. None have been ecstatic about….

Twitter tightens policies to check abusive politicians

Twitter in its new policy is moving against rule-breaking comments while enabling messages and announcements that are important for public debate.

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne attack Trump for using track without permission

Ozzy Osbourne is the latest addition to the list of musicians who condemned Trump for using their music without permission….

Trump finds democratic debates “very boring”

Trump is always on Twitter, it seems. But he has declared that there is a topic he finds rather boring. While the whole of the US is engulfed in the talks of Democratic debates that took place last night, the…

Why did Trump pick Stephanie Grisham to be next Press Secretary?

Stephanie Grisham is all set to be the next White House Press Secretary. US first lady, Melania Trump, made this announcement on…..

This election is about YOU, YOUR family, YOUR future, & the fate of YOUR COUNTRY – Donald Trump

In the swing state of Florida, amid the retiree communities of Orlando, US President Donald Trump kicked off his campaign for reelection in 2020. President Trump launched his re-election campaign with a classic rally in Orlando where he hit out…

If Trump wins in 2020, he will have this Indian to thank

A young Donald Trump’s fan from Konnea village in Telangana fasts every Friday for the Republican leader.

Millions that Country Heads splurge on Birthday and Anniversary Ads

A report from Vice revealed that US President Trump has spent close to a 1 million dollars wishing himself and First Lady Melania Trump happy birthday on Facebook.