How Capitol Hill Failed America, And Let Trumpism Prevail

The opportunity to hold Trump to account for the frontal attack he mounted on American democracy, drunk, as he were, on the powers conferred by the same democracy, through the same democratic process that he chose to attempt tearing down was squandered by the Senate in partisan quibbles. American democracy might have survived Trump and Trumpism, but it came out battered and bruised.

Donald Trump Impeached — But Will He Really Be Removed From The Oval?

The House of Representatives impeached Donald Trump, accusing him of ‘inciting an insurrection against the United States government’. Trump has made history by becoming the first president to be impeached twice.  On 7th January 2021, pro-trump insurrectionists attacked the capitol…

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Impeachment In The United States

In December 2019, the House of Representatives impeached Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States, for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Notwithstanding Trump’s blizzard of defensive tweets and re-tweets, the impeachment votes branded him as the third president in the history of the United States to face removal by the Senate.

Three Likely Scenarios That Follow If Trump Gets The Virus

Being the President of the US, he shapes the global perspective in a substantial way. Let’s see what impact would Trump being tested COVID-19 positive have on the world’s battle against the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Trump May Look Invincible But Democrats Still Have A Chance

On the verge of losing all credibility, the POTUS survived the impeachment and emerged stronger than ever with soaring approval ratings – but the Democrats still have hope – and ways to ensure Donald Trump can be defeated in the upcoming Presidential Elections 2020.

Trump Is More Powerful Than Ever Before — Here’s Why?

What democrats saw as their opportunity to be done with Trump once and forever, blew up in their faces as the President’s showmanship that came to the fore in the State of the Union address.

Is A Prolonged Impeachment Saga Benefitting President Trump?

What ever may be the final outcome of the impeachment saga – Is there a way the outcome may be benefitting for President Donald Trump?

Trump Impeachment Trial Could Begin As Soon As Next Week

When the House voted on December 18 to impeach President Trump, the expectation was that the articles would be sent to the Senate right away.

Trump Impeachment: McConnell Not Ruling Out Calling Witnesses For Trial

US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Monday said that he was not ruling out calling witnesses in President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial – but indicated he was in no hurry to seek new testimony either – as politicians remain at an impasse over the form of the trial by the Republican-controlled Senate.

I Want An Immediate Trial: Trump On Impeachment Proceedings

US President Donald Trump demanded an immediate trial in the Senate and alleged that the Democrats failed to give him a due process in the House of Representatives.