White House Down, Courtesy Coronavirus And Trump

Just six days into his coronavirus diagnosis and three days into his admission to a hospital, Trump’s return to the White House, breaking healthcare protocol, has raised eyebrows.

Trump Drive-By Raises Questions But Stock Market Highs

Disregarding the logic of quarantine, President Donald Trump drove around the hospital waving at his supporters. He sat in the backseat of an SUV, accompanied by two Secret Service agents sitting in front, conveniently exposing them to the virus.

The 25th Amendment Scenarios: If President Trump’s Health Continues To Dip

We have never been here before. The President and the First lady have contracted Covid-19. In the best case scenario he is asymptomatic, is able to continue with his duties, and after a two week quarantine returns to the presidential campaign. In other, far worse scenarios, a deterioration in Trump’s condition could set in motion a political drama without precedent, testing the Constitution with the first ever invoking of the 25th Amendment.

Trump Health Update: White House Admits Lie, President On Oxygen Supply

Trump sounded fine in the video. But his physician Dean Colney has since then admitted that the President’s condition is worse than earlier conveyed.

Trump’s Hospitalization Stunned Markets But His Absence Is Not Terrible News For Investors

Stock Markets across US, Europe and Asia fell after the Trump was diagnosed with coronavirus. However, investors should not panic but learn from the virus bouts of UK’s Boris Johnson and Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro.

Trump Hospitalized! 5 Overnight Developments: From Biden’s Prayers To Experimental Treatment

Friday was a chaotic day at the White House. Here are the 5 biggest overnight updates on the Covid-19 positive President Trump’s hospitalization.