In An Improved Debate Performance, Trump Fails To Find A Game-Changing Moment

In the last debate of this campaign cycle, President Trump improved somewhat from his combative and disruptive performance in the first debate, but at this late stage trailing so substantially in the polls, he really needed a game changing moment or a gaffe from his opponent in order to have any realistic chance of reversing his fortunes.

No Debate No Chaos — President Trump Refuses To Waste Time On A Virtual Debate

Can Donald Trump refuse to attend the virtual debates, given the fact that his virus fallacy backfired on him and he pretty much has nothing else to save him this election? There is no limit to the madness prevailing in…

Neither Biden, Nor Trump, America Will Be The Biggest Loser This Election

America must decide between Joe Biden, a bumbling “gaffe machine”, and Donald Trump, a lying – also gaffe-prone – bully. Unfortunately, the first presidential debate just made a hard choice even harder.

Joe Biden: The Democratic Disappointment During First Presidential Debate

If not worse, Joe Biden was not any better than Donald Trump in the presidential debate. It’s high time former Vice President needs to pull up his socks and step out of his comfort zone. The first debate of the…

What To Look Out For In The First US Presidential Debate Of 2020

What to look for in the first US Presidential Debate 2020: the multitude of issues, scandals and unfolding news events, Biden’s potential for a gaffe, fact-check Trump in real time and personal attacks.