Growing List Of Suitors But India Wary Of A Chinese Checkmate

Industrial lobbies are already working to convince the Indian government to start coaxing companies willing to move out of China.

US – EU Trade War; Impact on the two economies

Upon receiving a green light from WTO, the U.S. has announced tariffs on the EU as punishment for the illegal aircraft subsidies. For retaliation, the EU also plans to impose tariffs on U.S. products. Amid the growing tensions of the…

Trump’s Trade Wars in Trouble: How Impeachment affects Global Economy?

As the US Congress prepares for the impeachment of President Donald Trump, ripples are sent across the global markets. Every country is watchful of the proceedings.

Trump rallies for a U.S favoured trade deal with China, Wall Street soars

After trade talks broke down last December, Trump has rekindled hopes of a truce. Global markets rejoice, Wall Street hits a record high.

India sheds shyness in Trade War against US

India has raised tariffs on 28 items exported from the US with effect from 16th June 2019.

Trump wants another emergency to pressurize Mexico

Donald Trump is planning to declare a national emergency by increasing tariff on Mexico Trump administration is all set to declare a national emergency by increasing tariff by 5% on Mexico over the failure of the Mexican government towards illegal…

Free Trade with US: India’s opportunity to end China’s dominance

India is a viable alternative for businesses trying to escape the US-China trade war – but needs to resolve its own issues with the US.

Asian Economies well placed to weather the Global Trade War

AMRO foresees Asian economies survive well in the face of slightly slowing growth amid global roadblocks to trade.

Superheroes are bigger than Trade Wars

Donald Trump and Xi Jinping upping the ante in trade disputes might have hampered many industries and businesses. But not superhero movies.

Indo-US Trade: Trump demands a new normal

As Trump talks tough on US-India trade terms, India needs to now look at ways to improve its leverage and reduce its dependence on the American market. HEAD SHOT Donald Trump has called India a ‘high tariff nation’ and the…