World War III Hotspots: Top 5 Most Volatile Regions On Earth

With the world retracing its steps to the pre-covid era, subdued conflicts around the globe have re-surfaced with the rising terror of a potential World War III. The participation of Superpowers in proxy wars has created major hotspots around the world that are already on the brink of war requiring slight instigation to wage a war against each other.

Huawei On Edge Hoping For Post-Trump Revival Of Fortunes

Chinese tech giant, Huawei’s hope for a comeback might look promising with Trump gone but Biden might follow his predecessor’s footsteps.

US-China trade war heavily impacts global air cargo traffic

The US-China trade war along with the slowdown in the Chinese economy have significantly impacted this region. The temporary shutdown of Hong Kong International Airport, the largest cargo hub in the world, added additional pressure.

Why Make in India is not witnessing a rush of manufacturers?

Out of 56 companies that relocated their production out of China between April 2018 and August 2019, only three went to India and two to Indonesia

Trump loves Modi more than Xi! Will Apple love India more than China too?

When two giants collide, shockwaves impact everyone else. The US-China trade war has stirred a global economic slowdown. Major economies are feeling the heat of sanctions destabilizing markets worldwide.

India-US trade war bodes well for Italy’s apples

The pulpy ‘grand gala’ apples from Washington are fast vanishing from Indian shelves after India imposed retaliatory tariffs on 28 US items.

US ‘disappointed’ as China releases ‘white paper’ on unfair trade policies

Washington is disappointed with China for issuing “White Paper” yesterday and recent public statements to pursue a blame game misrepresenting the nature and history of trade negotiations between the two countries.

Trump tweets ‘Right where we want to be with China’

Trump: ‘Right where we want to be with China’ US President Donald Trump in a tweet on Sunday said that ‘We are right where we want to be with China‘ The tweet read: “We are right where we want to…

Trump raises stakes; Xi set to strike back

Trade war continues to escalate | “Tarrif Man” Trump doubles down on Chinese goods | China expected to retaliate