Blue Bloods: Showmakers Planning To Reunite Erin And Jack

‘Blue Bloods’ heartthrobs, Erin Reagan and Jack Boyle might get back together after an emotional ride. Fans have been craving some Erin and Jack love, and now Erin Reagan has hinted at the possibility. Find out more below! It’s been…

Book December 4th For The Premiere Of Blue Bloods Season 11

CBS has locked the release date for the eleventh season of its hit police procedural drama ‘Blue Bloods’ and it is right around the corner. CBS’s police-procedural family drama ‘Blue Bloods’ has been one of the most popular shows on…

Blue Bloods Season 11 Will Be Phenomenal: 5 Reasons You Can’t-Miss It

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Has Tom Selleck Confirmed The Return Of Blue Bloods With Season 11?

Amid the rumours of ‘Blue Bloods’ Season 11 being cancelled, Tom Selleck reveals what’s true and what’s not, and what more to expect from the show. Let’s take a look at what he had to say!

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Tom Selleck Does Not Want Dry Eyes At The End Of Blue Bloods

Tom Selleck is determined to push CBS to order two more seasons of his law enforcement web series Blue Bloods to wrap up the many storylines.

Tom Selleck Just Mentioned Season 12 Of Blue Bloods

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Tom Selleck Reveals When Blue Bloods Might End

Fathered by CBS, ‘Blue Bloods’ is a crime thriller family drama, based out of New York. The series debuted on September 24, 2010, and wrapped up on September 27, 2019, with a 10-season mark with an episode named “Family Secrets”.…

Tom Selleck Strongly Feels Blue Bloods Has Scope To Grow Further, Orders Season 12

Tom Selleck has been the face of Blue Bloods for a decade and has done a brilliant job, so it’s only fair he gets a season 12 when he asks for it.

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