Tom Cruise Was Never The Choice To Play Maverick In Top Gun

As Top Gun 2 goes to theatres soon would you believe Tom Cruise almost wasn’t cast as Maverick Top Gun is unarguably one of the finest movies dished out in the 1980s. The movie boasted a massive commercial success also…

Band Of Brothers May Soon Be Coming Back With Another Season

‘Band Of Brothers’ is gearing for a sequel and, according to inside sources, the second segment will focus on an air support company called…

After Tom Hanks’ Nick Jonas and Salma Hayek Could be At Coronavirus’ Mercy

Covid19 has shut America down. It is tugging down at world economy charts. Here’s the list of top nine diabetic celebrities (Coronavirus)

Tom Hanks’ A Beautiful day in the neighbourhood trailer out

Sony released the debut trailer for A beautiful day in the neighbourhood. The Mister Roger movie stars Tom Hanks in the lead role alongside Mathew Rhys.