The Joker Sequel Happening: Todd Phillips Already Writing It

Todd Phillips, writer and creator of ‘The Joker’, has reportedly returned to write a sequel on ‘Joker 2’, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Highlights — Todd Phillips has returned to write a sequel ‘Joker’ was the first R-rated movie to…

In Joker 2 Joaquin Phoenix Is Walking Into Jared Leto’s Shoes

Todd Philips’ Joker should have a sequel if only it’s even more bizarre and etching than its predecessor(s) The most famous antagonist in the world, Joker finally got the spotlight he deserved in his 2019 standalone movie, Joker. Starring Joaquin…

Everything You Need To Know About Joker 2

Joker 2 is officially in development at DC The most famous Arkham Asylum resident smashed records with the first instalment. Now there is confirmation that Todd Phillips has closed a deal to co-write the next Joker sequel. So what will…

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How Michael Keaton Successfully Blurred Marvel And DC Multiverse Boundaries

Keaton has a lot of interesting ground to cover in his upcoming work. It’s amusing how from mocking the genre to acting in all three of the world’s leading superhero franchises, Michael Keaton still remains the torchbearer, coming to a full circle in the literal sense.

Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul All Set To Be The Next Batman

If you thought Robert Pattison as Batman was a shocking piece of news, here is a piece of news… Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul as Batman..