Can Nicotine From Tea Rather Than Tobacco Prevent Covid-19?

Does smoking better adapt the human lungs to fight Covid-19? Not quite. But nicotine is under the microscope as a possible preventive measure against the need for hospitalization. Moreover, will nicotine in tea instead of tobacco have the same impact that prevents Covid-19 causing an immune overreaction?

Tobacco Causes Cancer But Can Cure Coronavirus

In a desperate attempt to find a cure for coronavirus scientists and government around the world are looking at tobacco leaves for a cure.

Evolution of ITC from chain smoker to social smoker

For the first time in the company’s history, the cigarette division of ITC contributed less than 50% of the company’s net worth.

ITC’s new Chairman Sanjiv Puri has big boots to fill

Three-decade ITC veteran Puri has been appointed as the new Chairman of the company.

Industrial production slips into negative territory in March

Industrial production slips 0.1 pc in March with slowdown in manufacturing Industrial output contracted 0.1 per cent in March due to a slowdown in the manufacturing sector, official data showed on Friday. Factory output as measured in terms of the…