Al-Qaeda Still Alive, Spotlight Back On Wuhan Lab, Biden’s Floyd Promise — The World This Week

Al-Qaeda Still Alive, Spotlight on Wuhan Lab, Biden’s Floyd Delusion — The World This Week

The Epic Battle Against Apple: How One Court Case Can Change The iPhone Forever

Even if Epic doesn’t score on all counts in this lawsuit, it will most likely succeed in shaking up the status quo for Apple.

Here’s What The Apple Car Offers To iFans

Apple forays into the multi-trillion-dollar automobile industry with the Apple Car but has miles to go before it hits the road in 2024.

Apple Joins Washington’s War Against Facebook, Zuckerberg Gears Up To Go All Out

The dispute between Apple and Facebook is at peak. And it isn’t difficult to tell whom will Washington favor.

9 Years After His Death, Steve Jobs Is Still Running Apple

The success mantra that Steve Jobs brought with him to Apple 23 years ago and the indelible footprints he left on the management are still followed religiously.

Trump loves Modi more than Xi! Will Apple love India more than China too?

When two giants collide, shockwaves impact everyone else. The US-China trade war has stirred a global economic slowdown. Major economies are feeling the heat of sanctions destabilizing markets worldwide.

How to own a conversation in 5 words? – courtesy Tim Cook

This is how the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, takes command of any conversation with only 5 words.

Apple treads into finance sector with early access to Apple Card for select few

Intrigued about Apple Card? Well, invitations are rolling out to a select few to get one. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook announced that it would…

Star designer Jony Ive parts ways with Apple; to open his own firm LoveFrom

Jony Ive was the symbol of the enduring culture that Steve Jobs created and now he is leaving Apple to start his new firm LoveFrom. With nearly 30 years and countless projects, Jony Ive was associated with all the lasting…

Apple CEO also thinks it is bad manners to be glued to your iPhone

Even Tim Cook thinks it is bad manners to be glued to your iPhone We all are more obsessed with our iPhones than ourselves these days and the CEO of the company that makes these addictive devices thinks it is…