Trump’s Ban On TikTok And WeChat May Be More Trouble Than Its Worth

Though the decks have been cleared for TikTok USA’s eventual takeover by Microsoft Corp, questions remain over the legality of the deal. Experts say that Donald Trump had virtually nominated Microsoft to buy TikTok, with Satya Nadella having engaged in phone conversations with the President over the deal. Now with a ban on the horizon, TikTok is preparing to take Trump to court over what it calls racial discrimination by the US government.

Celebrity News Wrap: Brad Garrett Criticizes Ellen; Bryan Callen Rape Accusations And More

Here’s a crux of top entertainment and celebrity stories from August 1 in one shot. BRAD GARRETT CALLS OUT ON MISTREATMENT BY ELLEN America stand-up comedian Brad Garrett said mistreatment on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ is ‘common knowledge.’ In his…

Vying To Fill The TikTok Vacuum, Chingari And Mitron TV Wake Up To Big League Challenges

Even though the application ban is a welcome move, as far as Indian Application development is concerned, some grave challenges remain. Bridging the gap between the user experience of big players and one of the Indian Apps remains a key impediment to the success of Indian developers.

Why TikTok Is A Massive Threat To India’s National Security – Ban It Or Not?

If TikTok is a Chinese Super spy – the US investigates but India sleeps as of now. It is no more a myth following US National Security being on high alert re: TikTok. That said: Chinese Govt. is suspected to…

Bytedance’s prayer answered: TikTok remains

TikTok’s parent company Bytedance’s court filling said that India’s ban resulted in “financial losses” of up to $500,000 a day and put more than 250 jobs at risk.

Tighten O’clock for TikTok

Madras High Court says no more adulteration; TikTok needs to tighten its act HEAD SHOT The video-sharing app has raised global concerns due to cyber crimes against children After a suicide due to alleged cyber bullying, the Madras High Court…