Find Out What Is Going On With Evil Genius Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And Plot Update

There is a lot more layers to the true story of ‘Evil Genius’. These layers will be explored in season 2. After the success of ‘Tiger King’ and many other documentaries, it’s the right time to revive ‘Evil Genius’ for…

Tiger King: Joe Exotic Becomes The New Peter Pan

The entire narrative of ‘Tiger King’ accounts the ascent and fall of huge feline proprietor, Joe Exotic, and in addition to other things, his relationship with Carole Baskin, who he purportedly, endeavoured to murder. But is that actually the truth?…

Pardon Joe — Tiger King Sets Up An Exotic Media Trial Featuring Shaq And Trump

Believe it or not, but the legacy of skepticism that Netflix’s docudrama Tiger King leaves behind sets up the perfect media trial for Joe Exotic’s pardon.

President Trump Set To Star In Netflix’s Tiger King Season 2: Joe’s Pardon

Donald Trump Might feature in Tiger King Season 2 after he was asked about Joe Exotic’s pardon during a coronavirus press briefing

Tiger King Is The New Rave And Netflix Is Back

In the age of Netflix experiencing slow growth spurt, lack of successful original content and a lot of competition, One thing’s for sure: True Crime always works. It’s the time of the great indoors and social distancing and we’re all…

Brad Pitt Or David Spade— Tiger King’s Joe Exotic Has Hollywood Project Preferences

Joe Exotic has made his preferences clear— he wants either brad Pitt or David Spade to play him in any future on-screen projects.

The Once Queen Of Pop Appears In A Throwback Pic With The Tiger King Cast: Crossover Cooking

Britney Spears’s throwback pictures are creating a worldwide frenzy…will there be a crossover with Netflix’s Tiger King?