Thor joins Aquaman to fight a common enemy: Plastic

Thor saved the world by helping defeat Thanos. But now, the actor is getting more and more concerned about Aquaman’s world…

Captain Marvel coming out with a gay superhero in MCU, meet Hulkling

Captain Marvel comics have many characters that are queer, and one of them is going to debut on-screen: Hulkling. While the fans of Marvel…

Mjolnir Men: Marvel and DC characters worthy of the Hammer of Thor

Only the worthy can wield the hammer of Thor. Mjolnir is the ultimate weapon and there are only a few who can possess the ..

Thor caught scoring we*d online!

Now there’s a Marvel headline you don’t see every day. But yes, as is implied by the title above, someone in Canada reportedly

Guess who will be the next Thor? Natalie Portman!

Well it’s announced! Natalie Portman will be back for the fourth movie of Thor. But not only that, but she will be taking on Thor’s…

Thor director Taika Waititi reunites with Chris Hemsworth in Thor 4

Taika Waititi, who successfully took over the Thor franchise with 2017’s hit Ragnarok is set to reunite with our favourite superhero

For a change, Thor picks up a guitar instead of his signature hammer

Chris Hemsworth, popularly known by his character Thor, replaced his hammer for a guitar. The superhero recently posted a video of him singing, on his social media account.

Business Strategy ‘Marvel’ous

22 consecutive blockbusters in 11 years –
Not just good movie-making, Marvel’s strategy is sheer business masterclass.

Shocking! Derby man told to walk Giant 5ft Lizard On A Lead

Gary, a Derby man told to walk Giant 5ft Lizard On A Lead Gary Smith, 54, was banned from taking his black-throated monitor called Thor out for a stroll after a string of complaints. At first, Gary was banned from walking…