Tom Hiddleston Failed At Beating Chris Hemsworth For The Role Of Thor… Because Of This Foul-Up!

The actor who plays Loki couldn’t match up to Chris Hemsworth’s progress, as he confesses in this video. Tom Hiddleston had auditioned for the role of Thor. This is not a secret, since the actor himself has revealed it on…

What If…? Establishes Doctor Strange’s Madness Is Coming To Multiverse

Marvel Studios What If Episode 9 is pretty much an alternate version of Avengers: Endgame with more at stake and a “strange” intervention.

Marvel Faces Its Own ‘Snyder Cut’ Situation

Director Alan Taylor wants to walk in the footsteps of Zack Snyder and have a ‘Taylor cut’ for his Marvel movie, Thor: The Dark World. The Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor has expressed his discontent towards his 2013 Marvel…

Did You Know Tom Hiddleston Dated One Of The Most Celebrated Actresses From MCU?

Tom Hiddleston is among the most charming MCU actors. Other than his work, he has remained in the news following his high profile affairs. In 2015, the rumours of his relationship with another MCU star Elizabeth Olsen were doing the…

Marvel Has Now Bigger Problem With Captain Marvel Than Brie Larson

MCU phase 4 will have to fix the mess they wreaked in What If…? Series The MCU’s What If…? Series seems to be splashing more mess around in the saga than doing any good to the viewers. And again, unsurprisingly,…

Marvel Studios’ Doomed: No One Can Save Spider-Man And Avengers Lawsuit

The legal battle over ownership goes on and Marvel faces the possibility to lose all its rights over Spider-Man and other superheroes in 2023.

Thor Vs Captain Marvel: MCU Fulfills Fan Fantasy

The 7th episode of Marvel Studios What If shows a version of Thor who doesn’t have his adopted sibling “Loki” to rival with.

How Love Is Making Its Way Up In The MCU

Love has always been around in the MCU. But with time, its presence is becoming clearer and its significance stronger. Here’s how love grew.

Loki From The God Of Mischief To Becoming The God of Magic

The God of Mischief, Loki, will finally get the respect he deserves after he shows his magical abilities and become the God of Magic. Loki is a villain or a hero; this has been a debate that has existed since…

Thor: Love And Thunder Is Going To Be The Funniest Superhero Film Ever

Taika Waititi’s ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ was a major box office and critical hit, giving Marvel Studios confidence in Taika. But is he really allowed to go full-blown quirky and eccentric on ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’? When Marvel Studios brought the New…