Thor: Chris Hemsworth, Christian Bale And Vin Diesel Promises Action-Packed Sequel

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Jane Foster’s Mjolnir and Rocket’s Addition To Thor’s Hammer Collection

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Many Faces Of Thor: From The Dark World To Love And Thunder

Creators of Thor and actor Chris Hemsworth gambled with the God of Thunder’s image over the years and the makeover was well worth it Marvel’s Infinity Saga gave us some amazing character arcs and most relatable superheroes. While Tony Stark…

Not Only Fans, Chris Hemsworth Himself Hates Thor: The Dark World

It’s very rare for Marvel fans to have a terrible memory of a movie in MCU. But the worse was the case with the second solo movie of the God of Thunder. However, not only fans but even Heimdall and…

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Christian Bale Gears Up To Show His Dark Side In Thor: Love and Thunder

Christian Bale is all set to take MCU by storm: Thor: Love and Thunder will see him as the villain. A New Villain Coming To Thor: Love And Thunder – It’s Christian Bale. Who will we see Christian Bale playing…