Fingers Crossed, Rick Grimes May Finally Return To The Walking Dead In season 11

From the minute Rick woke up in the hospital and made the daring decision to go look for his wife, Lori, and his son Carl, fans loved him. This went on all the way till the very last minute leading…

The Walking Dead Finally Comes To An End: Everything You Need To Know About The Show’s Finale

Are you one of the diehard fans of ‘The Walking Dead’? Were you attached to the screen when Rick was looking for his family? Were you overwhelmed when Glenn died? Did you shed tears when Rick left the show? Well,…

Latest Update On Fear The Walking Dead Season 7

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ has recently confirmed season 7. Scroll down to know when will the new series be released?

Walking Dead Season 11: The Three-Step Plan To Bring Alpha Back To Life

‘The Walking Dead’ committed the biggest blunder by making Negan kill Alpha! Here are three ways in which they can bring Alpha back to life on ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 11 and save the show. ‘The Walking Dead’ was at…

Walking Dead Season 11 Gets Tricked: No Halloween Release

Looks like ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 11 got tricked by the Halloween bug. The show will not be getting its next season in October, after all.

Will The Walking Dead Bring Back Alpha To Be Killed Again By Her Daughter?

“We’re strongest when we kill our own”, announces Alpha, while christening the Whisperer who saved her life Gamma. Was it just a Whisperer’s..

Fans Are Going Crazy About The New Addition In The Walking Dead Season 11

America’s favorite post apocalypse show The Walking Dead will be back for its 11th season, but what’s more is, the show will add a new character from the comic books. The Andrew Lincoln-starring AMC show The Walking Dead completed its…

One Hour Special Episode Of The Walking Dead To Drop This Year Before Season 11 Premieres

Amidst a global pandemic that isn’t a zombie apocalypse, ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 10 ended one episode early. Not only is the episode airing this year, but season 11 of ‘The Walking Dead’ is also on its way.

It’s Confirmed! Breaking Bad Is A Prequel To The Walking Dead

One Universe Two Worlds: Breaking Bad Is A Prequel To The Walking Dead Breaking Bad, a drama with living human beings and The Walking Dead a drama with dead ones would have nothing in common to a normal human eye…

The Walking Dead Goes Grey’s Anatomy Way To Release Season 10

After ABC’s medical drama Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 was aired with a reduced number of episodes; AMC’s Walking Dead Season 10 is the latest to join the pursuit. AMC’s Walking Dead Season 10 finale was on its last leg of…