Ashley Madekwe’s Detective Eudora Comes Back From The Dead In The Umbrella Academy Season 3

In Season 1, Detective Eudora (Ashley Madekwe) dies at the hands of Hazel and Cha Cha. But now, that the seven are back to 2019 (original timeline), there’s a chance she still might be alive because of the alterations in the timeline.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3: New Theories Crop Up About Aliens, Beyoncé And Trump

The Umbrella Academy has been running for two seasons on Netflix and the show has been a massive success. There is news that filming for season 3 will start in October. So, what should one look forward to in the coming season?

Band Of Reluctant Superheroes Return To The Umbrella Academy With Season 3

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The Umbrella Academy Season 2: Release Date, Cast And JFK’s Assassination

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