Ben Affleck Teams Up With Zack Snyder For Justice League 2

Zack Snyder is writing the Justice League 2 with Chris Terrio and Ben Affleck has reportedly signed on to don the cape again.

Snyder Cut’s Reshoot And Henry Cavill’s Absence Falls In Line With WB’s Soaring Ambitions

In October, Zack Snyder is doing additional photography for his director’s cut of Justice League with a massive $70 Million budget from WB Director Zack Snyder’s Justice League is slowly becoming a very interesting case study in Hollywood. The movie…

Why The Justice League #SnyderCut Trailer Made Loyal DC Fans Cringe

Director Zack Snyder dropped the first official trailer for his Justice League is a big win for his fans but it has got others divided

DC FanDome Reveals — Robert Pattinson Vs Ben Affleck’s Batman, Henry Cavill’s Man Of Steel 2 And Flash’s Multiverse

DC FanDome is most sought out virtual event for fans this year. The big convention planned by WB will be filled with many fun highlights and surprises. With major movie projects on the horizon and plethora of content to unveil,…

Zack Snyder Resurrects Ben Affleck’s Batman To Haunt Robert Pattinson At DC FanDome

Zack Snyder is the original orchestrator for DCEU’s Justice League movie, until he had to be replaced by Joss Whedon due to a family tragedy back in 2017. However, the blandness and ensuing criticism the movie received caused fans to clamour for the release of the director’s cut.

Joker Paved The Path For Robert Pattinson’s Batman

DC Comic has been a childhood staple for many generations but somehow the characters have failed again and again in enchanting viewers in a live-action movie. The success of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker movie, however, helped paved the path for Robert…

Forget the Witcher Season 2, Henry Cavill To Be Back As Superman Soon!

The Snyder Cut announcement has opened up the door to speculations that The Witcher’s Henry Cavill will return as Superman. But will he?

HBO Max’s Biggest Release Next Year Will be Justice League’s Snyder Cut

Justice League Snyder Cut exists and it is finally getting released all thanks to HBO Max. The online streaming service will release it on…