Marvel Set To Borrow A Leaf Out Of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter For Mutant Homecoming

The Xavier School For Gifted Individuals is a big part of both Marvel comic-verse and X-Men plotline. Introducing the older generation with the new breed and alluring the new generation simultaneously works in Marvel’s favor. A

The New Mutants, Helstrom, And Doctor Strange — Marvel Unveils The Many Horrors Of Multiverse

Over the weekend Comic-Con@Home hosted various movie and gaming studios and actors and artists to showcase their upcoming work. While Marvel Studios was absent from the event refraining from making any MCU Phase 4 announcement, its mutants and son of Satan did reach the Con.

Make Way For The Mutants In The MCU

Marvel Studio is all set to debut the mutants into the MCU. Here are all the possible ways they can be introduced in the upcoming Phases

Marvel’s First LGBT Couple Has Smoking Hot Chemistry In Real Life

New Mutant stars Maisie Williams and Blu Hunt show off screen chemistry. The new mutants stars enjoy off-screen chemistry at premiere…

The New Mutants Will Be Sacrificed For The Eternals To Succeed

The New Mutants is set to release on 8 April… but with coronavirus and Marvel’s past decisions, it will not release before The Eternals.

Here’s Why Mulan Will Never Release Even After Coronavirus

The Disney movie Mulan is set to face huge losses and Covid’19 isn’t the reason behind it! What is causing this huge hole in Disney’s pockets?

Stranger Things’ Jonathan Byers All Set To Turn Into A Marvel Superhero

Charlie Heaton rose to fame with Jonathan Byers’ role, but now he is onto the path of turning into a Marvel superhero!

The New Mutants Takes Place In Marvel’s Alternate Deadpool Universe

New Mutants Deadpool crossover is finally possible with The New Mutants gearing up for its release. Are we really going to see a New…

Disney’s X-Men: The New Mutants To Test Waters For A Standalone Ka-Zar Movie

Disney will replace the old guard with The New Mutants and simultaneously test waters for a standalone future film around comic book stalwart Ka-Zar.