John Wick Is Officially Coming Back For Chapter 5 But Keanu Reeves Isn’t Thrilled

Not Happy! Keanu Reeves Not Happy With John Wick Chapter 5 Shoot Back To Back With Chapter 4 ‘John Wick’ fans are in for a real treat. A recent announcement by the studio has stated that they are going to…

Millennial God Or Gen X Hero? ⁠— Two Generations At War To Claim Keanu Reeves

His massive talent laced with an ability to not age has left two very different generations amidst the war of the century!

Matrix 4 Plot Is Less About Neo And More About Morpheus

While we all know about the encore chase scene from Matrix 2, and Keanu Reeves’ new look, a recent leak has shed light on the plot for Matrix 4. It seems like Matrix 4 plot, coming in 2021, will be a story that has not Neo but Morpheus as the centerpiece.

John Wick And Agents Of SHIELD Are Connected & Keanu Reeves Knows

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Keanu Reeves’ Matrix 4 To Be A Prequel Before The Human-Machine War Era

Keanu Reeves’ latest appearance in shaggy hair stirred Matrix fans with ideas about what Matrix 4 could be all about..could it be a prequel

Keanu Reeves Gets A New Look For Matrix 4

The world’s most-loved movie star, Keanu Reeves took up the iconic role of Neo in his younger heydays, sporting a lean, clean face with trimmed and kempt hair, but 17 years later, we shall see a different look.

What If ‘The Matrix’ Was Ever Made In Bollywood

Hollywood’s most loved sci-fi film ‘The Matrix’ was made in Bollywood? Who will be the director and who will be the iconic characters? Read on

Neo and the Architect will Die in Matrix 4 and Come Back in Matrix 5

If the Matrix movies made you a fan.. just follow the rabbit and explore what Neo and the Architect would be up to at the ending of Matrix 4.

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