To Kill Or Keep Ben Affleck’s Batman – DC’s Big Dilemma

After two outings as Batman, Ben Affleck might be making his final appearance as the Dark Knight in Andy Mushietti’s The Flash. So what will be the best approach for DC? To kill a fan favourite casting and erase him…

Set Photos Reveal The Shocking Connection Between Batman And Flash

Photos have been leaked showing a Flash and Batman scene and turn out there are some interesting details hidden in Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen outfit. Michael Keaton is also seen in the set photos. Director Andy Muschetti’s movie will officially…

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How Flash Travel Backward And Forward In Time

The Flash has ‘quantum abilities’, he can go reverse or forward in time but how exactly he does this kind of time travel One of the most amazing sequences in the four-hour Zack Snyder’s Justice League was Ezra Miller’s Flash…

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Everything You Need To Know About The Flash 2022

With the first live-action Flash movie to hit the theatres in 2022, cast and crew additions for the movie are in full flow. THR reports that Kiersey Clemons has closed a deal to play the role of Iris West, the long-time…

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