Anthony Mackie Don’t Want Sebastian Stan In Captain America 4

The Captain America franchise will continue with Anthony Mackie’s Captain America, but what about Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes? Captain America 4 will begin from where Marvel’s TV series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier left. Hence, Anthony Mackie will continue…

Captain America 4: Marvel Plans Debute Of Red Skull’s Daughter

Marvel is making some interesting choices with Captain America 4s villain From Captain America facing the Red Skull in 2011, the history repeats itself with the new Captain America facing Red Skull’s daughter, Sin. Captain America 4 will have a…

Winter Soldier Shows The Marvel Way To Keep Coronavirus At Bay

The Marvel star who portrays the character of Winter Soldier has the perfect cure for Coronavirus. Check out to know how?

Anthony Mackie: It’s Daunting To Be Black and Captain America

In a recent interview, actor Anthony Mackie cleared the air surrounding the role of Captain America in the upcoming Disney+ series. The news has turned out to be a pleasant surprise for his fans.

Black Panther Set To Appear In The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

A recent post by Sebastian Stan points at a possible crossover of Black Panther in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Series After the Superbowl Teaser Trailer, the anticipation of Disney Plus’s The Falcon and Winter Soldier is soaring high.…

Marvel to ‘justify’ Captain America’s Hydra Connection in The Falcon and Winter Soldier

Chris Evans isn’t done yet with the MCU and we shall get to see Captain America back in action with The Falcon and Winter Soldier as the bosses at Marvel justify the relatively new ‘Hydra’ comic storyline and the ‘two words’ hint from MCU Phase 2.