From Marvel Copying DC To Snyder Copying Thanos: The Tables Turn With Justice League 2021

Zack Snyder emphasised on the fact that he isn’t going to use any frame that he didn’t photograph. Meaning all of Whedon’s work will be left out of his cut. With Snyder again at the helm of his project Darkseid will take his honourable position as DC’s most formidable baddie!

Thanos Is Coming Back To MCU With His Son Thane

Marvel Studio has a plan in place to resurrect Mad Titan Thanos by introducing his real secret son Thane into their movie-verse

Angelina Jolie Will Play Mother Of Thanos In The Eternals

A plot leak points at the possibility of Angelina Jolie’s character Thena in Marvel Studios’ The Eternals could be Thanos’ Mother

Doctor Strange Wear Iron Man’s Armour, Smart Hulk In Wakanda, Thanos’ Mistake And More Revelations From Infinity War Quarantine Watch Party

Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives. Writers of Avengers: Infinity War Reveal a ton of new information about the movie during the Quarantine Watch Party To celebrate the one and two year anniversary of Avenger: Endgame and Infinity…

James Gunn Says No To The Return Of Thanos In MCU

Amid all the rumours of Disney and Marvel considering to bring back Mad Titan Thanos in MCU, the Guardians of the Galaxy director has given his vote against it. Yes, James Gunn doesn’t want Thanos to return in MCU. James…

The Burning Marvel Question: Why Couldn’t Captain Marvel Snap the Gauntlet Instead of Iron Man?

Have You Ever Wondered In the Final Battle Why Didn’t Captain Marvel Wear the Infinity Gauntlet

Not Thanos, Captain Marvel Is The Original Guardian Of The Infinity Stones

Captain Marvel, Daredevil and Darkhawk were the master of Infinity Stones? A prequel we might see? Before the Avengers killed Thanos in Avengers: Endgame and secured the Infinity Stones from him and sacrificed Iron Man, the Infinity Stones were still…

Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel Defeats Thanos To Be The Most Powerful Avenger

The start of Phase 4 for MCU proved the beginning of a new era with a number of movies and shows lined up. And a Captain Marvel 2 film seemed inevitable when we saw Carol Danvers fighting with Thanos in…

Captain Marvel Digs A Mind Stone From Marvel Studio

Brie Larson executes her prowess with Marvel Studio, Digs a Mind Stone. Here’s how

The Earth Needs 8 Billion Avengers To It’s Rescue

Amidst all the fear and hassle because of the CoronaVirus, it compels us to draw parallels between it and the hated Thanos in the MCU…