Pandemic Breaks The Back Of Bollywood’s 100 Million Club

Theatres shut. Content shootings put on hold. Release of significant movies pushed indefinitely. Industry insiders peg the Bollywood’s loss at anything between $148 million to $277 million or even more.

Contestants Who Were Caught Making Out In The Bigg Boss House

Over the past seasons of BB, many celebrity couples have indulged in PDA. Here we’ve compiled a list of contestants who crossed the limits.

Social Media vs Video Games: What causes depression?

A new study finds certain kinds of screen time increases the risk of depression in teens. The study looked at over 4,000 teens and

Blaupunkt to unveil next-gen QLED Smart TV line up

Blaupunkt is all set to unveil its brand-new TV line, comprising of the premium 55-inch Q-led 4k Smart TV model.