Four Classic Engineering Mistakes That Kill Startups All The Time

Engineering mistakes can kill the most promising startups. So, it is necessary to know how to prevent them before they happen. Here’s a list of 4 lousy engineering mistakes that can be fatal to your beloved company.

Global Sex Recession — Was Courtesy Technology And NOW Coronavirus Alert

Despite the shockingly vast exposure to adult movies, today’s generation is actually having less sex as compared to their grandparents. Not the best image to start with but certainly a compelling realisation. Not very surprising though considering that people in…

Zypping — The Great Indian Electric Vehicle Race

Dreamers, Achievers, Indian Electric Vehicle Visionaries — Rashi Agarwal and Akash Gupta’s Zypp Story Entrepreneur couple Rashi Agarwal and Akash Gupta forayed into the Electric Vehicles market with Zypp in India with a dream of a cleaner, greener world! Isn’t…

Technologies That Technocrats Envision To Boom In 2020

It’s 2020 but superpower India is far from reality. However, while not much is being talked on the Digital front, the Indian IT industry is a stakeholder at the forefront of the development taking place in the country.

Hogar Controls To Demonstrate Its Innovation At IFSEC 2019

US based Hogar Controls, an IoT company and a global, design-first smart home and building automation company is all set to showcase its latest innovation in smart security, automation, and surveillance at IFSEC India 2019.

New platform to assist Indian IT professionals to connect with global employers

In order to overcome the job-seeking hurdle and connect with employers directly, an Irish company’s new technology is said to redefine the hiring model by enabling Indian IT professionals to connect with global employers at their chosen locations through a free portal.

5 Ways to Improve your Health using Technology

Technology can help improve both the Mental and Physical health of a person if used smartly. Here are 5 ways to improve your health using technology. The paradox of life in the 21st century is Technology. It is ruling our lives…

Every Indian gully in High-resolution mapping: Who needs it

India is working on creating a high-resolution map of the country using a rather agonising process. Drone mapping sounds like an amazing tech advantage for the nation but who needs it?

This Corsair Smart Case is for the PC Master Race alone

CORSAIR is the global PC market leader today and they have not got there with making mediocre stuff. The peripherals and components that Corsair creates are top-notch.

Poshest spice from Silicon Valley’s Hot Chips Conference

At the Hot Chips conference in Silicon Valley this week, Cerebras is unveiling the Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine. The chip is almost..