No You DON’T Need To Work Long Hours To Be The Youngest Self-Made Billionaire — Here’s World’s Top 10

It’s not a cakewalk to make yourself a prominent space in the world of fortune. And it’s definitely a big deal when the billionaire title bears the prefixes ‘youngest’ and ‘self-made’.

Four Classic Engineering Mistakes That Kill Startups All The Time

Engineering mistakes can kill the most promising startups. So, it is necessary to know how to prevent them before they happen. Here’s a list of 4 lousy engineering mistakes that can be fatal to your beloved company.

Myths and Realities: Why So Many Startups Fail At 50+ Employees

If you know any experienced startup executives who have worked with entrepreneurs over the years, you will likely have heard stories of startups with great potential falling apart once they cross the threshold of 50 Employees.

Backed By Coatue, Vedantu Forces Its Way Into The Ed-Tech Big League Alongside Byju’s

Earlier this week Vedantu, the new generation ed-tech startup focused on providing a medium between teachers and students for live tuition raised $100 M in Series D funding led by Coatue.

Zypping — The Great Indian Electric Vehicle Race

Dreamers, Achievers, Indian Electric Vehicle Visionaries — Rashi Agarwal and Akash Gupta’s Zypp Story Entrepreneur couple Rashi Agarwal and Akash Gupta forayed into the Electric Vehicles market with Zypp in India with a dream of a cleaner, greener world! Isn’t…

Who Needs Angels When You Can Crowdfund A Revolution: Here’s QuadB’s Success Story

They conceived a business idea to revolutionize the custom-made clothing industry. Youthful vigour and a strong resolve took these young entrepreneurs to a decision that was going to change their entire lives. Here’s the story of QuadB.

Clean-tech startup Log 9 Materials raises $3.5 million

Log 9 Materials, is a Bengaluru-headquartered clean tech start-up. It has earned a reputation over the last few years as a pioneering Indian company leading research and commercialization of Graphene nanotech-based products and solutions.

How Arya Stark created a successful startup while shooting for Game of Thrones?

Yes, you heard it right, the Game of Thrones actor Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) is also the co-founder of a tech startup, Daisie.

India welcomes technology to advance their digital transformation strategy

India embracing technologies to advance their digital transformation strategy , reveals F5 Networks survey F5 Networks’ latest 2019 State of Application Services report, which surveyed 1,872 people in the APAC region including 10% of respondents from India, revealed that Indian…

UC Browser challenges on short videos for 2019

UC Browser bets big on short videos for 2019 Short-form content, including short videos and snackable content, is UC Browser’s top content priority for 2019. Short-video content has seen a surge in 2018 with over 3.6 crore short-videos aggregated on…