11 Major World Events That Made History In 2021

Drumrolls! The year 2021 has come to end and here are the major events that made headlines. 2021 was anything but an ordinary year. While it was, fortunately, better than the tragic 2020, this year too had its fair share…

Americans Rate President Biden’s Handling Of Afghan Matter, Worse Than President Bush

Reuters Ipsos survey reveals that America is not happy the way Afghan matter escalated. And Democrats should be worried. Highlights — Reuters Ipsos survey revealed a record decline in Biden’s job approval rating. Americans rate President Biden’s handling of Afghan…

Beijings Dilemmas In Dealing With Taliban?

China’s Afghanistan conundrum

Al-Qaeda Still Alive, Spotlight Back On Wuhan Lab, Biden’s Floyd Promise — The World This Week

Al-Qaeda Still Alive, Spotlight on Wuhan Lab, Biden’s Floyd Delusion — The World This Week

Taliban delegation meets Pak FM to discusses Afghan peace process

A high-level Taliban delegation on Thursday morning met Pakistan Foreign Ministry Shah Mahmood Qureshi and discussed the Afghan peace process and other issues of mutual interest.

Taliban leader Mullah Idress killed in airstrike with 36 other terrorists

Taliban leader Mullah Idress and 36 other members of the terrorist outfit were killed in Baghlan and Herat region of war-torn Afghanistan on

Afghan forces recapture Wardoj, 100 Taliban terrorists killed

Afghan forces recaptured the Wardoj district in north-eastern Badakhshan. Nearly 100 Taliban terrorists were killed in the clashes.

If Taliban does this one thing, USA will end the war

America has waged the longest war in history against Taliban and they cannot wait for it to finish. American and Taliban negotiators are deep into the seventh round of talks to finish the war. The 14,000 American troops in Afghanistan…

Afghan Force rescued 83 civilians from Taliban prison

Afghanistan: 83 civilians rescued from Taliban prison At least 83 people were freed from a Taliban prison in Qaisar district in Faryab province on Wednesday night, said Afghan force. The operation was conducted by Afghan special force, said the Shaheen…

Taliban, Afghan officials set for peace talks in Moscow

Taliban, Afghan officials to meet in Moscow for peace talks A delegation of Taliban officials is set to attend a two-day meeting with Afghan politicians in Moscow this week, officials confirmed on Monday, as fighting continues to rage in Afghanistan…