Have Your Apologies Ready, INDIA. Rhea Chakraborty Has Been To Hell And Back

HC grants bail to Rhea Chakraborty and declares that, due to the absence of any suitable evidence, she is innocent of the allegations against her. Will India atone for condemning her? Welcome to the country where people would prefer to…

Ranveer Singh Next In Line After Deepika Padukone And What It Means for Him

Wait, So Now We’re Blaming Kangana Ranaut? Deepika Today. Ranveer Tomorrow. Given how the SSR death case has increasingly morphed into one zooming in on Bollywood’s ostensible crimes, the tumbling out of big names looks set to continue over the…

Don’t Get It Wrong, Prime Minister Modi Loves Bollywood

Deepika Padukone, Shraddha Kapoor and Sarah Ali Khan reached the NCB office on 26th September. While the Padmavat actress accepted the chat allegations, the latter two denied taking any drugs. But is it really about it? Or something massive is…

Deepika Padukone And #SSR Saga: Why NCB Summons Don’t Mean The End Of Her Career

Deepika Padukone and Bollywood A-Listers on the Radar: How the #SSRDeathProbe is No Longer about SSR! With various sections of electronic and social media busy painting Bollywood as a sordid pro-Islam, pro-Naxal, pro-drug mafia industry teeming with dirty secrets, the…

Opinion: 35 Years Ago, Rhea And Deepika Would Have Been Saints On Varanasi Ghats

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has spurred one of biggest drug scandals in Bollywood’s history, with big names breaking one after another over the span of a few months. News outlets and netizens have whipped up a storm after the release of private chats in which Deepika Padukone is allegedly discussing the purchase of marijuana.

Warning! Kangana Ranaut Is Set To Join Indian Politics Like A Boss

From a dark horse to the champion, once bullied, now turned bully, Kangana Ranaut is a brand for Nari Shakti born out of Indian politics.

Everyone Hates Rhea Chakraborty. But No One Loves Justice Either.

The vulgar media attacks on Rhea Chakraborty indicate collective misogyny and proclivity for sensationalism. But they also indicate how nobody is bothered about justice for SSR.

Sushant Singh Rajput — Enough With the Hate, Let Him Rest in Peace

It was 2016. I couldn’t have been more excited because I was finally going to get a glimpse into the life of my favorite cricketer, a nation’s hero, and my only celebrity crush.

How Much Were These Real Heroes Paid To Make Their Biopic

Bollywood biopics and their prices: NO, we are not going to tell their amount which they earned but how much the real heroes paid for…

Drive Movie Review- Steer Clear Of This Road (T)rash!

Drive Movie Review The OTT platforms have set new standards for filmmakers and writers with its original content. Any country, any language…