Supernatural Season 15 To Give Sam And Dean’s Story A Deserving End

The Winchester brothers will be back for their great send-off in ‘Supernatural’ Season 15, but not before next year! Buckle up, ‘Supernatural’ fans! It won’t be long until your favourite demon-hunting brothers make a return to television for their big…

Jensen Ackles Ignites Hope For Supernatural Season 16

It is hard to say goodbye to your favourite show, especially when they’ve been around for 15 years. ‘Supernatural’ might be ending with its 15th season, but fans of the fantasy series are hoping for a reboot. Is a reboot…

Supernatural Is Rebooting For A Bonus Season

‘Supernatural’ Season 15 ended on March 25, 2020, with its 13th episode. It led speculation of a bonus season. Is it true?

Supernatural Season 16 To Come Back With A Legacies Season 3 Crossover

‘Supernatural’ Season 16 is not cancelled, dream crossover event with ‘Legacies’.

Supernatural Brothers Are Back With Season 16

The CW network has been known for producing the best TV shows around the world. Supernatural is one of the many enthralling CW produced shows that always leave fans wanting more.

10 Netflix Shows That Will See The End In 2020

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