The Flash 2022 Features Superman But Not Henry Cavill

The Flash 2022 will open the door to DC’s Multiverse inviting many expected and unexpected faces including Superman’s

Henry Cavill Needs ‘Superman Issues’ Resolved Before Donning The Red Cape

Before actor Henry Cavill can don the red cape, the creators need to take care of Superman’s issues. And yes, there’s more than one. Actor Henry Cavill is a patient man. In times when his Justice League counterparts saw no…

Johnny Depp And Henry Cavill Swap Fortunes And Stardom — A Decade Apart

Fate befalls everyone – be it the the once unlucky but now megastar Henry Cavill or the once global Hollywood icon but currently unfortunate Johnny Depp. Hollywood is an unpredictable place, and this unpredictability gets to everyone regardless of who…

Henry Cavill And Jason Momoa To Stay Companions Beyond Justice League 2021

Yet another bunch of reports indicate an exciting Henry Cavill and Jason Momoa collaboration on the way! Murmurs have Momoa set for a cameo in ‘The Witcher’ prequel series, and then there is news about a Cavill cameo in ‘Aquaman…

Enola Holmes Done, Henry Cavill’s Next Role Could Make You Scream, 007

Henry Cavill is working hard to resume his role as Geralt of Rivia for the Netflix fantasy series The Witcher season 2. He will also soon be seen as Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes.

Superman’s Workout Plan Revealed – This Diet Turned An Overweight Kid Into Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill’s workout plan will put fitness trainers to shame. Here is a breakdown of everything the British actor does to keep himself in shape. One might describe Henry Cavill as the perfect man, devoid of any flaws. When he’s…

DC May Expand Its Universe With Smallville Reboot

With superheroes donning their cloaks all over, is a Smallville reboot in development? Superman has always been one of the most popular DC characters ever created. Banking on the success of the Superman movie franchise, writers Alfred Gough and Miles…

Smallville Reboots With Henry Cavill As The Obvious Superman

‘Smallville’ is returning with a reboot and Henry Cavill will be the new Superman. Tom Welling played the Man of Steel in the original TV series.

Nia DaCosta Is Brie Larson’s Hope To Cure Captain Marvel 2’s Superman Complex

Nia DaCosta has made history by getting into the director’s chair for Captain Marvel 2. She is the first woman of colour to direct a Marvel Studios movie. DaCosta is the chosen one who has been blessed with a career path similar to directors Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton. She carries a big legacy and will also play a key role in shaping the upcoming Phase 5 of the MCU.

Henry Cavill Returns As Superman! Dwayne Johnson Pursues The Witcher For Black Adam

As the countdown to DC FanDome begins fans are anticipating what the studio has in store in the 24-hour- long virtual event. While Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Matt Reeve’s The Batman have gotten fans very excited Dwayne Johnson’s Black…