Henry Cavill Is Better Off With The Witcher Than Superman

Henry Cavill’s choice in opting to follow Superman after ‘The Witcher’ may just not prove to be right, but why? Henry Cavill has had the chance to play both Superman and Geralt of Rivia in ‘Man of Steel’ and ‘The…

Marvel Steals The Next James Bond Aka Henry Cavill To Play Captain Britain!

Henry Cavill, famous as DC’s Superman and now Sherlock Holmes, is being considered as the next James Bond, but Marvel is planning to cast him as Captain Britain before anything else!

Attention Big Bang Theory And Superman Fans: Here’s Why Kaley Cuoco And Henry Cavill Broke Up

Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco couldn’t get enough of each other back in 2013. The two dated but only for two weeks. The couple had to break it off given the massive and uncomfortable attention that their dating life was getting.

Is There An Image Of Superman In Every Seinfeld Episode?

Here’s a secret: ‘Seinfeld’ has some hidden clues about a popular superhero. As the urban legend goes, every ‘Seinfeld’ episode has a reference to Superman. Is it true? Let’s find out! It’s no news that our J-Man is a fan…

7 Villains Featured In Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Zack Snyder is featuring an army of villains in his cut of the Justice League. Take a look at the 7 villains of his upcoming cut.

Zack Snyder’s Dark Knight Returns Dream Is Closer To Fruition Than Man Of Steel 2

Zack Snyder recently shared his dream to make a movie based on Dark Knight Return comic which is more probable than a Man of Steel movie It seems that 2020 is all about Zack Snyder. Since the formal resurrection of…

Henry Cavill Should Have Chosen One Between Superman Or The Witcher

Henry Cavill’s debut as Superman in 2013 is still cherished by fans. But his portrayal as the Witcher leaves us wondering whether he should..

Arrowverse And Smallville Heroes Might Appear In The Flash

DCEU’s ‘The Flash’ is growing wilder day by day. After Keaton and Ben Affleck’s Batman, it’s time for Smallville and Arrowverse heroes to join the multiverse heist. It was around 2014 when WB announced ‘The Flash’ in DCEU. Since then,…

The Most Wanted Star: Fans Want Henry Cavill To Be The New Superman In The Smallville Reboot

Reporting from Krypton: Smallville may be back with a reboot, and a new Superman too. Henry Cavill, we are looking at you. Read on to find out more. Superman hasn’t thrown away his cape yet! Henry Cavill might be the…

Sherlock Holmes Freed Henry Cavill From Psychopathic Behavior

As it goes, Sherlock Holmes saved Henry Cavill from his ‘law loyalist’ need to pay attention to detail.