As Tech Giants Underscore India’s Relevance, Google Outrivals Facebook And Amazon

Indian-born Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced on Monday his company’s plans to invest a sum of 10 Billion dollars in India

Trump Is Only Hurting Himself By Undermining The FAANG

While low wage workers suited the requirements of much of corporate America, Big Corporates and Big Tech firms generally looked the other way as Trump cracked down on low wage immigrants. The corporate honchos did not envisage that Trump would also go after high skilled Tech Workers.

Trump’s Visa Ban Doesn’t Align With Washington’s Long-Term Plan For India

It is interesting to note that while the Trump administration has spoken about closer ties with India, and this is evident in terms of the defense relationship if one were to look at the economic realm — immigration and trade the US President’s policies towards India have not been favorable.

Google Pledges $800+ Million To Support Brutal Covid-19 Pandemic Crises

Google has announced $800+ Million to support global ‘Covid-19 Pandemic’ crises and a fund of $340 Million in the form of free ads for small businesses (SMBs)

Google’s Sundar Pichai Highlights The Dangers Of AI, Deep Fakes & Facial Recognition

Pichai called for new regulations for AI in his editorial in The Financial Times, highlighting the potential dangers posed by the technology such as deep fakes and facial regulation, notes The Verge.

Google will pay $170 million fine because YouTube was tracking children

Google, which is owned by Alphabet Inc, and its YouTube video service will pay $170 million to settle allegations that it broke federal law by collecting personal information about children, the Federal Trade Commission said on August 4.

Stop scrutiny for the sake of regulating: Sundar Pichai

Google CEO reacts to US antitrust probes stating scrutinizing large companies need to be balanced with supporting it.

Pichai grilled at Capitol Hill with Low IQ questions?

Pichai grilled at Capitol Hill –   Google is too powerful to survive.   The scheduled hearing for Google CEO Sundar Pichai before the House Judiciary Committee lasted for around three and a half hours, and seemed to indicate that…