A Brief History Of How Warner Bros. Messed Up DC By Meddling With Its Directors’ Vision

With Zack Snyder’s Justice League creating history in Hollywood by becoming the first massive-scale director’s cut to be made. It is interesting to see how other DC Directors had similar issues and how they were treated by Warner Bros. How…

David Ayer Hopes To Release The Ayer Cut But Will WB Take The Risk

The release of Snyder Cut has made Suicide Squad director David Ayer hopeful for his cut to be acknowledged but will WB take the risk?

Harley Quinn Myths Busted: Jared Leto Pulled A Dead Animal Prank On Margot Robbie

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Shocking! This Riverdale Star Is Teaming Up With John Cena For The Suicide Squad Spin-Off

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Warner Bros Can Delay The Ayer Cut But Not Stop Its Release

Fans are now running a movement to get WB to release the Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad. Why it isn’t going to happen before 2021.

Idris Elba Set To Play Sportsmaster In DC’s Suicide Squad 2?

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Joker is long gone and Harley Quinn has moved on!

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Suicide Squad’s Deadshot alias Will Smith to be replaced by Idris Elba

Hollywood actor Idris Elba is in talks to replace Will Smith in upcoming ‘Suicide Squad’ sequel. Earlier in February, it was announced that Will Smith will not return for the sequel. According to Hollywood reporter, he was never officially signed…