Why Stock Market Has Taken A Massive Hit Due To Russia-Ukraine War

Billions wiped off, inflation taking a massive shape and rollercoaster of currencies worldwide- Russia-Ukraine war has left the stock market deadlocked. If you are an investor and have locked your hard-earned money in the stock market, the Russia-Ukraine war must…

Samco Mutual Fund Launches its First NFO “Samco Flexi Cap Fund”

(An open-ended equity scheme that aims to provide capital appreciation by investing in equity and equity-related securities across market capitalization.) SAMCO Flexi Cap Fund aims to create wealth for investors a 3E step strategy– Investing inefficient companies at an efficient price and maintaining efficient costs.…

Why The US Stock Markets Hardly Give A Hoot Whether Trump Wins Or Biden

The US stock markets are booming despite the onset of a global recession. Despite controlling the levers of monetary policy, interest rates and taxation, President Trump will likely learn the immutable truth about the stock markets this November: that it has a mind of its own and cannot be contained by empty sloganeering.

Markets love Modi’s re-election

As election figures started to stabilize indicating a BJP win, markets reacted with a wild bull run with record gains. Sensex went up 964 points to 40,074 as Nifty climbed 296 points to 12,034.