Samco Mutual Fund Launches its First NFO “Samco Flexi Cap Fund”

(An open-ended equity scheme that aims to provide capital appreciation by investing in equity and equity-related securities across market capitalization.) SAMCO Flexi Cap Fund aims to create wealth for investors a 3E step strategy– Investing inefficient companies at an efficient price and maintaining efficient costs.…

Top 3 Metaverse Stocks To Buy in 2021

You snooze, you lose. Don’t miss out on the $30 trillion metaverse economy of the future. Invest in these metaverse stocks today. Metaverse has taken the world by storm, so much that even Bitcoin is watching with envy from distance.…

Why Are Billionaires Selling Record Share Holdings — Signals Massive Market Crash Coming?

Are the ultra rich preparing for a massive market crash by selling shares on “top”? Or are they just paying their long hefty tax bills? Highlights- Elon Musk sells off 10.1 million Tesla shares amounting $10.9 billion. Jeff Bezos, Satya…

Stock Markets Hammered To Lowest In 2021 — Fear Of New Variant Running Rampant

The panic situation in the global stock market after discovery of new variant in South Africa is simulating the 2020 crash of the Wall Street. Highlights- South Africa registers over 100 cases of the Omicron variant declared as “matter of…

9 Stocks That Will Take Wall Street By Storm In ’14’ Years

Expect a double or even a triple-digit growth if you are patient enough to hold these stocks in your portfolio for a decade and a half.

India’s Stock Markets Remain Resilient Despite Covid-19 Devastation

The Pandemic is on a killing spree in the country and businesses & MSMEs are not impervious to it. So why does the D-Street remain immune to the gruesome impact of the second Covid wave?

Is Elon Musk The Most Influential Entrepreneur In History?

The world has witnessed many influential entrepreneurs over the years but no business magnate or tycoon comes close to the power commanded by Elon Musk’s voice.

Pandemic Emergency Fund: What Is It, Why You Need One And How To Build It?

Emergency funds are the mainstay of strong personal financial plan for future. Learn why you need emergency funds, how much you need and utilize the money meaningfully.

A Stock Market Crash Is Inevitable, If And When Trump Leaves The White House

Predicting the stock markets on the eve of Election Day is as much about personal belief as facts. However, the prospect of increased taxes and its impact on corporate earnings can be a powerful factor in deciding electoral outcomes in the world’s most powerful democracy.

Scuttlebutt Investing — Making Sense Of The Dalal Street Bloodbath

During systematic shocks like the current pandemic, Scuttlebutt Investing identifies where the wealth creation opportunity lies in the market