HBO Held James Gandolfini, Aka Tony Soprano, Hostage To The Soprano

James Gandolfini almost starred on ‘The Office’, but HBO paid ‘The Sopranos’ star $3 million to remain Tony Soprano forever. ‘The Sopranos‘ premiered on HBO in 1999. It is still regarded as one of the best shows to air on…

The Most Expensive Scene Of The Office Did Not Feature Steve Carell Aka Michael

Jenna Fischer reveals that the most expensive scene in ‘The Office’ is just 52 seconds long but cost $250,000. ‘The Office’ has become a timeless classic but it’s not the kind of show we associate with exorbitant production design. After…

The Office: Pam Walked On Hot Coals To Nail The Huge Speech

Remember Pam walking on hot coals only to express her love? Let’s reminisce the iconic ‘The Office’ scene together. The US version of ‘The Office‘ managed to garner attention through its epic mockumentary style of filming and Michael Scott’s (Steve…

The Office: Dwight Deserved To Be The Main Character Over Jim

Even though its been eight years since ‘The Office’ ended, a lot of people still think that Dwight Schrute was a better character than Jim Halpert. Portrayed by John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson, the characters have been at loggerheads with…

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The Office Season 10 To Sing Smelly Cat! Friends Star Lisa Kudrow Joins Steve Carell And Crew

The Office’ Season 10 is about to get an extra hit of Buffay-madness and for the love of God, we don’t want it to stop. Confused? You’ve got to read on!

Creators Rejected Saul Goodman Over Steve Carell For The Boss In The Office

Keep your reactions in check when we break it to you that not Steve Carell’s Michael Scott, but Saul Goodman was supposed to be the boss in NBC’s The office. As the producers reveal, choosing a boss for The Office…