Black Hole ‘Hair’ Might Not Look Exactly How Stephen Hawking Imagined

Indian Origin researchers find a kink in Hawking’s Black Hole “Soft Hair” Theorem.

Earth is dead in 200 years prophecised Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking believed that the Earth would cease to exist within the next 200 years. For our sake, we can only hope it’s not guaranteed but

Hubble Constant has got scientists up all night; not to get lucky

The Hubble Constant is the rate at which the universe is expanding. It first came to light when Edwin Hubble came up with the idea of a constant rate of expansion for the universe. In 1919, Harlow Shapley observed the…

Ancient Stars: Supernovae star deaths and the creation of life

What caused the creation of life then? All of us contain atoms that have been in a star that exploded and led to life