Not Just A Fan Theory: Tobey Maguire, Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield In Spider-Verse

Into the Spider-Verse with Andrew Garfield, Tobey Maguire, and Tom Holland on the same screen is no longer just a fan theory anymore.

Lanky Michael Jackson As Spider-Man Could Have Graced The Screens

Michael Jackson’s nephew talks about how the king of pop wished to play Spider Man in the 90s. What if I tell you that if things had gone smooth, Michael Jackson would have been the owner of Marvel. Would you…

While You Wait For Black Widow, Tom Holland Has A Few Questions For You

Tom Holland, has vowed to make your wait for Black Widow an interesting one. The actor struck upon an idea that is going to help both…

Spider Man Steals Dr. Strange’s Cloak And Superpowers

A fan made poster takes the mixed up storyline game up a notch for Marvel Marvel cannot get any better than this. Guess what I am talking about. The much talked about upcoming animated series of Marvel – What if..?…

Not Dr. Octopus – Iron Man Was The Creator Of Octopus Tentacles In Sony Spider-Man 2

Iron Man has created many things in MCU. From Jarvis to nano-tech; From a bunch of Iron Man suits to Ultron and Visions, and at last the Iron Infinity Gauntlet to save the world. But do you know, Iron Man…

Neither Spiderman and nor Captain Marvel – Young Avengers will rule the MCU Phase 4

As MCU is now entering Phase 4, everyone is wondering who’ll stand out in this new phase after the farewell of Iron Man, Captain America and Black Widow. What if we reveal it to you right now? What if we…

Where’s Your Popcorn? Tobey Maguire Is Surely Returning As Marvel’s Spider-Man

A huge door of possibility just opened up for Tobey Maguire to enter Marvel as Spider-Man in Doctor Strange 2…Sam Ramini joins forces

Suit Up! When Tony Stark Set Out to be Virgil Abloh for the MCU

For The Love of Science and Fine Suits Tony Stark first appeared on the big screen in a metallic makeshift armour in 2008. Well, in that movie he was supposed to make a missile for the terrorists but comes out…

Avengers And X-Men Assemble For Spider-Man’s Challenge

The ongoing pandemic has resulted in people getting creative on social media…the latest to join are the Avengers, X-Men, and Spider-Man..

Spiderman Homecoming Villain Scorpion To Return in Future Spiderman Movies

Yes! Spiderman Homecoming Villain Scorpion Return in MCU. Major Spiderman Homecoming Villain Scorpion to return in MCU for future Spiderma…

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