How Bill Gates Stands to Gain From Seven COVID-19 Vaccine Factories?

Bill Gates raises hope of discovering a COVID-19 vaccine by funding 7 factories. Because of COVID-19’s deadly impact, there is no surprise…

Did Pedro Sanchez’s Government Serve Spain To Coronavirus On A Platter?

Experts say delay in government action; social behavior and weak healthcare system have contributed to high fatalities due to coronavirus in Spain.

Google Gifts Two Months Of Free Stadia Pro To Lockdowners In 14 Countries

Enjoy Google Stadia Pro during Coronavirus lockdown free for 2 months. There is no doubt that Google is the most widely used search engine…

Germany’s Good Deeds Go Unnoticed Amid EU’s Corona Bonds Arguments

In this time of crisis, German hospitals come to the rescue of patients from Italy and France. Germany’s surplus of critical hospital beds…

Thousands Of Supernovae At Milky Way’s Center, Evidence Confirms

An observation of the Milky Way Galaxy done by European Southern Observatory (ESO) using Very Large Telescope (VLT) has found the evidence of a burst star formation which led to over hundred thousands of supernova explosions in the central part of the galaxy.

SHOCKING!!! Contestant on Spanish Bigg Boss Raped During Sleep And Then Forced To Watch Her Own ‘Rape’ Video

On Super i.e. the Spain version of Big Brother aka Bigg Boss, a female contestant was raped by a peer before the show’s producers decided to forcibly make her see the video.

What India and the World can learn from Spain’s biggest rape trial?

Spain’s Supreme Court ruled that five men who attacked a teenager at a bull-running festival were guilty of rape not the lesser crime of sexual abuse.

Zinedine Zidane is back to coach Real Madrid

Zinedine Zidane back as Real Madrid manager just 10 months after leaving the Spanish giants. Former Real Madrid midfielder Zinedine Zidane, who left in May after leading the club to three consecutive Champions League trophies has agreed to take over until 2022. The…