How Elon Musk and SpaceX are destroying Space?

SpaceX plans a Starlink flagship program to launch 12,000 satellites into space. The program creates grave concerns in space research. Elon Musk’s SpaceX recently launched a satellite-train – Starlink – into space. Starlink is a group of telecommunication satellites that…

New Research brings Science on the verge of unraveling Big Bang Theory

Physicists may have finally understood how our Universe was created. They have finally been able to decode the Big Bang theory. The Big Bang Theory describes cosmic inflation and is the most widely supported explanation of how our Universe began. Initially,…

It’s Settled, The Universe is a closed Sphere; End of Debate

A recent research suggests that the shape of the Universe is a closed sphere rather than a flat or an open surface. Scientists have been studying our universe for a long time. There have been several theories and discussions regarding…

Plutonium-238 automation to push NASA into deep-space

Oak Ridge National Laboratory houses the Department of Energy researchers who work tirelessly to make further deep space explorations possible. They are researching and developing new ways for the production of Nuclear fuel that made interstellar mission Voyager possible.

Humongous Radio Emitting Bubbles at MilkyWay Centre

Yusuf Zadeh dedicates his life in finding humongous Radio emitting filaments at the centre of Milky Way. These structures are so big, our solar system falls way short to even come close to how big this thing is. It is perhaps the vastest structures within our galaxy.

Trillion Dollar Private Space Industry: What Billionaires desire from Investments beyond Earth?

Over USD 350 Billion today and touted at USD 1.5 Trillion by 2040; private space explorations funded by billionaire entrepreneurs is skyrocketing.

What existed before the Big Bang: If we manage to find, will God cease to exist?

In the nothingness that we are surrounded by, what existed before the Big Bang? If we knew, will the world cease to be what it is today?

Ghost Particles are everywhere in the Universe

Ghost particles – the subatomic particles also known as the neutrinos can be the key to explain various unknown of our Universe including..

The mystery behind cosmic dust found in the Antarctic

The cosmic dust in the Antarctic Snow could be from an ancient supernova resulted from a stellar explosion millions of years ago.

Masterplan of the Universe and a speck of dust that’s Milky Way

The renderings of our Milky Way galaxy show a tiny speck in midst of other galaxies and colossal voids.