Trillion Dollar Private Space Industry: What Billionaires desire from Investments beyond Earth?

Over USD 350 Billion today and touted at USD 1.5 Trillion by 2040; private space explorations funded by billionaire entrepreneurs is skyrocketing.

What existed before the Big Bang: If we manage to find, will God cease to exist?

In the nothingness that we are surrounded by, what existed before the Big Bang? If we knew, will the world cease to be what it is today?

3D-printed glimpses into future human settlements on Mars

NASA’s 3D printed habitat completion was a big success, and the bases designed by the participating teams will give you a

Why ISRO’s Chandrayaan II is the biggest mission to Moon since Apollo 11?

Chandrayaan-II is ISRO’s attempt at making history. An attempt to land on, and explore, a side of the moon that is still unexplored after 50 years of the historic launch of Apollo 11.